Bloom Suite

13 minutes, for: 

  • solo: guitar or marimba
  • trio: add cello and clarinet
  • full orchestra: 2222, 4321, timp, 3 perc, harp

I keep returning to this music because I love its dizzy energy, its relentless tunefulness.


Solo guitar


Selected Performances

Solo guitar: Jordan Dodson at Honest Brook Music Festival, Wilmington Guitar Festival, Semana Internacional de la Guitarra, Tunja Colombia (2014)

Solo marimba: Flavio Tanzi at Auditorium Parco della Musica (6/6/14)

Trio: Marcel at Cornelia Street Cafe, Spectrum NYC, Festival Daniou (2014)


Program Note

Bloom Trio was a double breakthrough in my writing.  First, in technique: it's my first good piece to come out of my computer programming project, a personal composition environment two years in the making called Blooms.  It's also a breakthrough in feeling.  My musical proclivities (dark) have always been at odds with my temperament (bright), but when I push myself toward an optimistic tone, I often feel I lose something personal in the process ("Happy families are all alike..." etc.).  Not this time: this exuberance is exactly my own.