8m – solo piano / or / percussion quartet (2 vibes, 2 marimbas (5), crotales, glock, bass drum)  also see: Well of Whales

Percussion Quartet

2014 Sō Percussion Summer Institute attendees performing a new work by Elliot Cole entitled "Facets". July 26th, 2014 Matthews Theater / Lewis Center for the Arts Princeton University http://sopercussion.com Video & Audio by Evan Chapman evanmonroechapman@gmail.com

Facets was first a solo piano etude, part of a book I am writing for Conor Hanick, and now it has grown into a percussion quartet.  It is a quilt of interlocking patterns that pivot and fold in beautiful ways.  It has a lot to teach me and so I have returned to it again and again to learn.  I love its smooth surface but 3D shape.  Foreground and background are unclear, and shift; the ear can trace any number of lines, and hear new melodies every time.  In the orchestral (Well of Whales) and percussion versions, I suggest different ways to hear the original black-and-white print.

Piano Etude


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