Elliot Cole

Creative Technology Portfolio

Composing with Code

Bloom Suite

I composed this guitar solo largely in a composition environment I coded for myself in SuperCollider called Blooms.  (Jordan Dodson, guitar)



I composed my sixth solo piano etude in a dialog between traditional notation and SuperCollider code.  (Conor Hanick, piano)


Multimedia Work

De Rerum

I taught myself Adobe After Effects to create these animated supertitles for De Rerum, my hip-hop history lecture about the creation of the world.  I performed it with the Chicago Composers Orchestra in 2013 with synchronized video.  This is the first section of a 20 minute work.  (Text by me, music by Brad Balliett).


Audio Production

Together with a few friends, I've been writing genre-bending, literature-inspired work as Oracle Hysterical since 2007.  This is a track from our new album (based on Euripides' Hecuba) that I composed by recording acoustic improvisations and then editing and manipulating them in Logic.  (Majel Connery, voice; Brad Balliett, bassoon; Doug Balliett, gamba, bass; me, voice and guitar; Jason Treuting, drums; extra engineering and mastering by Chris Botta and Alexander Overington).


Performing with Technology

Hanuman's Leap

I first wrote this piece as a purely choral work for the Grammy-winning vocal group Roomful of Teeth, but decided that I wanted to perform it myself as well.  I recorded myself singing all of the parts in Logic, wrote parts for live percussionists, and created a click track to synchronize them in Ableton Live.  I've performed it with different percussion groups in 18 cities, including at the NO GO contemporary music festival in Rome in 2015.  (Here, with Willo Collective in Ann Arbor.)


Traditional Composition

Postlude No. 8

This is one selection from my most-heard work, a book of bowed vibraphone quartets that have been performed over two hundred times.  (Performed here by Square Peg Round Hole.)