Three Wells

19 minutes - soprano and orchestra

Soprano Charlotte Mundy with Decoda, conducted by James Baker

i. Well of Wishes

if –
would –
– love –
please –
– hope – and may –
or if – I would –

I hope that he will be –
– or next year go back to –
or notice – to love


ii. Well of Wheels

And all the while she stood vpon the ground,
The wakefull dogs did neuer cease to bay,
As giuing warning of th'vnwonted sound,
With which her yron wheeles did them affray, 
And her darke griesly looke them much dismay; 
The messenger of death, the ghastly Owle
With drearie shriekes did also her bewray;
And hungry Wolues continually did howle, 
At her abhorred face, so filthy and so fowle.

– Edmund Spenser, from The Faerie Queene


iii.  Well of Whales

o shard of bread
o rind of glass
o cup of rust
o bloom of brass

o well of whales
o open dome
o bed of scales
o bell of stones

– EC

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